Outdoor Therapy

I had the realisation several years ago that I’d always looked after my own mental health and wellbeing by being outside, connected to the natural world. But in contradiction to this the therapy I was offering others was undertaken inside. Since then I have set about building my professional knowledge to a point where I can provide counselling outdoors. Through the training I’ve undertaken, I can offer you counselling in outdoor locations that are suitable and risk assessed.

Walk and Talk Counselling

A counselling session that takes place at a suitable location outside. These sessions take a similar format to indoor work, in terms of the focus being on the client’s therapeutic work, but with the advantage of being in the natural world.

Eco Therapeutic Approach

I can also provide counselling that is embedded in nature, focusing on your own connection to the natural world, working with specific nature-based techniques and exercises, I have developed my Eco therapy practice based on the concept that we are not separate to nature, but part of it.

  • Outdoor first aid qualified
  • Insured to counsel outdoors and to provide shinrin-yoku
  • Enhanced DBS
  • Introduction to Eco therapy - working with nature in mind
  • Eco therapy Rewilding
  • Shinrin-Yoku Practitioner training

  • Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing)

    *I want to emphasis this is not counselling!
    I have taken an initial course in Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing), it enables me to offer this to groups and individuals. It was originally developed in Japan, as a way of helping people re-connect with nature, enabling them to experience deep relaxation and wellbeing from the natural world.

    I have continued my studying and I’m in the process of completing an International Forest Therapy Guide Diploma & Shinrin Yoku Practitioner Training.

    I’m developing a dedicated website for my outdoor work www.roots- ecotherapy.co.uk, which will provide further information.

    you can find out more about counselling at the BACP's website here: BACP logo